The Sunset Acoustic Sessions Vol.1

Title : The Sunset Acoustic Sessions Vol.1
Release Date : 02/10/2017
Label :
Catalog ref. : SR001
Format : CD

//Original songs extracted from the albums “Wolves Waiting” and “Witchboro” by Rosy Finch.
All songs from this album have been transformed in acoustic alternative versions.
This is a self-produced magic album.//

Produced by Rosy Finch

Recorded & Engineered by Lluís Mas at “The Black Lodge Studio ” (Alicante, Spain).
Assistant Engineer drums by Jorge Blazquez.
Mixed & Mastered by Lluís Mas at “Oriental Desert Studio” (Alicante, Spain).
Recorded in spring ‘16.

Also colaborate in this album:
Judit Aliaga · Violin in “Surnia Ulula”, “Singing in the Sun”, “Ursula”, “Will O’ The Wisp”, “Dreams Creek” and “La Colina”.
Enric Bas · Vocal & Hamonica “Metamorphosis”.

Artwork & Design by Von Klang.
Photography Cover by Isaac Fernández .
Band photography by Von Klang.
Model: Maria Eugenia Romero

Acoustic live shows are performed by Mireia Porto, Elena García, Lluís Mas, Virgina Rosell and Judit Aliaga


Hyde Formula

Under my fears I found,
a black role is coming back.
I think I can handle that,I hate my other half .
The evil within us.
One body between us.
Your own host against love,
different words, the same voice.

I’m your dark presence here,
no way to heal.
You think you can handle that.
You’re just a feeble man.

You’re over.I’m living.
Through your mouth, I’m screaming.
I’m the monster you made,I’ve always been inside you.

Surnia Ulula
I’m the fire that was over
In the wind you will see…
All is moldering
as I grow

Now I’m nothing but ashes
My princess will tell you
how badly you behaved
as soon as you left home

Still I’m san don your shoulders
Dust is hugging your feet
Stop bleeding, mud is down
Your hell is here with me

Breeze is blowing the branches
Whispers through the leaves
Roots emerging from the ground
The owls begin to flee

Waves freezing sounds, my way to breath…

When you came into my world, you filled everything with flowers
In a terrible earthquake, birds flew with my hope in silence

Singing in the Sun
Remember 1995, You were young!
Mammy told you, Don´t walk away from home!
Drug candies, a man gave to kids after school
We were all drugged! Just thought was made of menthol

In summer bad girls are fun
Naked bodies under sunlight
In summer bad girls go wet
Hot dresses…/ on the grass

Wild skirts, red lipstick, girls pretended to be older
Sunny days in camp, bonfires and long kisses at night
His name was tom, he wanted to touch me up, and i felt dirty
I liked blondes, i cannot lie. I should have been horny, but actually i
got a fit of the giggles

Always waiting for start to swim in that fuckin´pool!
Hymen broken, because of that fuckin´curb!
Feeling thirsty, sticky frozen lips
Sucking straws
Never ending, those hot degreed break my balls!!

Daphne VS Apollo

Wetting my hands inside
the water where I belong,
Cleaning my body’s dust,
that’s the sand where I came from.

He is a god, but he’ll never catch me,will never touch me.

Hey daddy,
can you here what I’m praying?
Please come and save me
soon from this hunt…

Just let me stay away,
just let me go…
I’d rather be a part
from nature
I’m wild, I’m pure,
I don’t deserve that!
Can’t run, can’t move,
I feel my feet in bloom.

Green hair, bark dress,
Wood eyes, leaf nails.
My lungs are my arms,
his tears feed me now.

He feeds me.


Negros deseos me llevaron al mal…
Sienten tus dedos que te vas a quemar…
Entre las aguas, me enredó con su olor
Soy su alimento, aún siento dolor.

Un vientre eterno que me quiso atrapar
Lamí su espalda, pude inhalar
Como mis huesos se quemaron.

En mi cuerpo quiso sembrar, su magia,
y dejarme, ahogarme.

Sus suaves lenguas me mojaron la piel
Con labios rojos, ella quiso ser él
y entrar de nuevo en mi cueva.

Vive en el mar. Vive del mal.

Will O' the Wisp

All barks waiting, for many years shading,
Red lights shining,
In hiding places we see the stars dying in peace.

Hard water flows, just between us
Only we could play beauty songs with the air,
making noises.

Steps near his lungs,
Scary eyes turn blind.
A man touches his trunk
Sap is freezing on me
Warm hands, here comes the fire.
Burning smiles, here comes the fire.

I see you burning.
Now it’s my turn.

We slept over two years in darkness,
Now there’s only you and me.
We dug, looking for our fingers,
I finally feel you’re here.

La Colina
Cielos grises
Tierras tristes
Montes fríos
Hielo en mi sol
Sin palabras…

Tienes miedo
Estás lejos
Tienes miedo
Estás lejos
La colina….

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